Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Evolution of Dance Our Wedding Inspiration

In the two and a half years since the wedding planning bug was implanted in my head, the inspiration for our wedding has evolved ever so slightly.

We both wanted an outdoor wedding, if possible. We were hoping to find a venue with lots of greenery and maybe stone walls or walkways. We wanted the venue to be the focal point and have our theme circle around the mood and atmosphere it set off.

So what colors would go well with this mood we were trying to set? We each claim green as our favorite color so we knew we wanted to incorporate it in there somehow. Plus, it would go well with the greenery our ideal venue would have. Because of what I had in mind for my bridesmaids' dresses (oooh! foreshadowing!!), I knew black had to be thrown in there somewhere as well. I came across a picture similar to the one below and really liked the combination of the green with the damask print.

Green? Check. Black? Check! There, that was easy! This wedding planning stuff isn't so hard...

But after a few weeks went by, I grew tired of the damask. I liked the print a lot but it kinda started to remind me of a bedspread and I didn't want our wedding to resemble the master bedroom of a model home. So I nixed the print and just went with black and green.

This was the point where I brought my ideas to the Mr. to get his take on it. His general thought on the wedding was truly, "Whatever you like, within reason (read: no pink and orange [I may or may not have brought that color scheme up to him after few glasses of wine one night. He was not a fan, to say the least.]) Don't make me look stupid." He liked the green and black together but asked, "I thought weddings were supposed to be all white?"

Ugh! No! Don't you know ANYTH...Wait a minute.


I think I like it...

Wow...I really do need to keep him around!

I thought about what we could do with a mostly white wedding and really liked it! I had visions of flowing fabric and tons of white candles EVERYWHERE! It would especially look amazing if we found the perfect venue. So, in came the white and into the background went the green. We would still keep black around as a very minor accent color since I didn't want to change the plans I had for my bridesmaids' dresses. I was a bit worried as to how well a mostly white wedding would fit in at the end of October but since we weren't planning on making it "summery" I squashed those fears almost immediately.

Fast forward to the present and nothing has changed since the last draft of our inspiration except the date being moved from October to the end of April. And we did end up finding that perfect venue, which I'll share in just a bit!

So without further adieu, I present to you our inspiration board!From Top to Bottom, Left to Right:

Blingcheese,Cheap-Neckties.com,The B-List
Isa's Little World,Julie Mikos,The Knot
Hasel Bride,Seduction Meals, The Knot,Sweet and Saucy Shop

The green will be an accent color and will appear in my shoes, the groomsmen's ties and on all things paper. The Mr. likes it, I l-o-v-e it and all is good in the world!

What do you think!?


  1. this is in austin but i think it is kind of what you might want. it is gorgeous here at night: http://www.mercuryhall.com/index.htm

  2. Oh my gosh! LOVE the color scheme...it's going to be GORGOUS!!