Sunday, August 15, 2010

Let The Games Begin!

So I've returned to blogging. (Yes, again).

I'm pretty sure my mom will be the only one excited but oh well! Why am I back? Well, you see we've set a date!

(Yes, again...)

Let's rewind, shall we?

In June 2008, we realized that the lovely combination of moving halfway across the country (away from my hometown, parents and friends for the first time), starting two new jobs (one of which being the intern year of medical residency, considered by some to be one of the toughest jobs in the world), and living together for the first time ("I don't care if you like your towel on the floor, that isn't where it goes!") didn't exactly make for the perfect circumstances under which to begin planning our wedding, which was originally scheduled for October 24, 2009. We decided to take some time to ourselves, get adjusted and settled into our new life and wait until the time was right for us.

And we've decided that right time has arrived! Back in May, we had snagged some awesome first class seats on a flight to D.C. for our friends' engagement party. I guess the free drinks excitement of the weekend's impending events got to us a little and we set the date - April 30, 2011! Any sooner and we didn't think we'd be giving our friends and family enough notice to plan for a trip out to The Lone Star State. Any later and we knew our loved ones would kill us for making them travel 1500 miles to roast in the Texas summer heat. Pair all of that with the fact that we'll be wrapping up residency at the end of June and leaving our San Antonio life to set off for whatever adventure the Army has in store for us at the beginning of July, and April just seemed to work perfectly.

My Spring will be a bit hectic, to say the least:
  • In March we find out where we will be stationed post-residency (everyone join with me, "Please not Alaska, please not Alaska, please not Alaska...")
  • In April, in front of our treasured friends and family, we'll profess our love for one another and agree to the notion that the only way out of our relationship is through lawyers and several thousand dollars (kidding, kidding...)
  • In May, we receive the orders to go along with our station placement that will tell us when to show up and if there is any deployment in the near future. (I'll probably be found pacing in front of the mailbox with a bottle of Xanax in hand until we get the orders.)
  • In June, Justin graduates residency and we pack up our things the lovely military movers come to pack and take our belongings way too far in advance, leaving us to sleep on blankets on the living room floor and eating whatever can be cooked in a toaster oven for our remaining weeks in Texas.
  • In July, we toast farewell to San Antonio with giant margaritas and vats of salsa and queso and say "wassup" to our new home, whereever that may be.

Sounds like a blast, eh? Oh and somewhere in the middle of all of that I'll find time to send out Thank You cards.

When one of my sweet Bridesmaids called to accept the position (Hey Haley!), she asked if I would be keeping everyone up-to-date by reviving the wedding blog I began during Round One of planning. I hadn't thought about it until she said something and, before I could stop myself, I heard the words "SURE!" come out of my mouth. So here I am!

We kinda hit the ground running with the wedding plans so we already have some details in place. Before I tell you everything we're working on currently, I'll bring everyone up to date on what we've done so far. I will say that we're so excited to finally be married and continue on the crazy and fun path of our life together! Thanks for coming along on the ride with's gonna be wild!

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