Saturday, September 4, 2010


Do you believe in it?

Not this kind of JuJu...

This kind...

If my silence hasn't given it away, perhaps you can guess that the whole shoe delivery debacle did not end well. What we thought would be an easy fix turned out to be a massive effort.

The shoes were not at the apartment complex office. So where were they? My mom and I each spent hours on the phone, going back and forth with Endless and UPS and my old apartment complex, trying to figure out the answer to that question. By the end of the day Thursday, I had reached the point where I didn't even care about the shoes anymore. It turns out, the new tenant of our apartment not only had the shoes but she had every intention of keeping them for herself. WTF? When I got the phone call from my old complex saying that the new tenant had finally surrendered the shoes, it's sad but I wasn't really that excited. I was like, "eh, okay." To be honest, the drama had become too much.
Who would've thought that these pretties could bring anything but happiness?!

I was explaining the situation to some girls at work and they flat out told me, "You cannot wear those shoes! Those shoes are cursed! They aren't meant to be!" (They even went into the discussion of the Latin American curse "Ojo" which, very basically, is when you have something someone else wants, and they are a bearer of the Evil Eye, they can curse that item. [Side note: back when I first learned about the Ojo, I was at work and saw a girl with a plate of brownies. I said in my head 'Wow those look good!' and two seconds later...SPLAT! The brownies fell to the ground. It took my co-workers a good week to convince me I didn't have the "Ojo".] Learn more here.

At first I blew it off. How could I not wear the pair of shoes that I had half of San Antonio looking for? But then I really began to think about how much effort it had taken to track them down and how much stress they caused. I then began to hate the shoes. Did I really think they were cursed? No. But do I really want to wear a pair of shoes that are full of negativity on a day that is supposed to be so happy and joyous? No, again.

So I sent them back. I'm still in l-o-v-e with this style but I think I'm going to start fresh and order them from another site. Hopefully *knock on wood* there will be no shipping issues this time and me and Randee can start our relationship off on a better foot. (Pun intended.)

Am I crazy? Any crazy superstitious things go on when planning your wedding?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Delivery FAIL

A recently married friend said it best: "Get ready to have a deep and serious relationship with your postman, UPS guy, and Fedex worker! Towards the end, I would run out there like it was the damn ice cream truck!"

To me, one of the most annoying parts of planning a wedding is the fact that you have to order so much stuff and then wait for it to be delivered. I'm more of an "instant gratification" person (read: I may be a bit spoiled and want what I want, when I want it. Hey, admitting it is the first step, right?).

The little "Track Your Package" link has so much power over me. My Ctrl+R keys are going to be worn out by the time April 30th rolls around, considering how many times I refresh the UPS and FedEx tracking pages. The worst part has to be when you refresh the page and finally see that your package has been 10:21am...and you're at work until 5:00! (I may or may not have I know someone who may or may not have used the excuse "I think I left my stove on!" to run home and check out our their Save The Dates. Can you believe some people?)

So yesterday I knew I would have two, possibly three, packages waiting for me when I got home...

- Our Save the Dates (We'll get into how I feel about VistaPrint a little later...)
- Some DELICIOUS shoes to wear on my wedding day!
- A white BCBG dress my mom bought for me for our Engagement Pictures

Thanks to stalking tracking, I knew the first two were to be delivered yesterday. The dress was a crapshoot that I was just hoping would show up. When I got to the top of the stairs, I was greeted by this!Thank you, delivery man, for your inconspicuous placement of my packages.

Beneath the mat? Two packages, score!

My handy sidekick, Lily, investigated the first one.

Inside package #1...Our Save the Dates! And they're FINALLY perfect! Unfortunately, they're not ready for their big debut yet. But soon enough!

Inside package #2...
A stupid Coors Light Cooler I'd forgotten I ordered off Ebay for the Mr.'s birhday.So where were my shoes!?!? (and the better question...who writes "FRAGILE" on a box holding a soft sided cooler?!?!)

I decided to let the missing shoes go for the night since I had my STDs to play with (hehe). But today, the shoes were still not here. So I decided to call up my friendly Endless customer service girl, Amanda.
(So, she isn't actually MY customer service girl, I was randomly assigned to her. And this is what she looks like in my head.)

To make a long story short...Endless made a mistake a left my apartment number off the shipping label. When UPS got to my complex, rather than going into the office to inquire, they thought, "Hey! We have this other address on file for her because she orders shoes and clothes non-stop randomly, let's bring the shoes there even though we have no idea if she lives there!"

What address would that be? My old apartment across town, where someone else now lives. So someone randomly had a pair of Badgley Mischka shoes delivered to them today, for FREE. It was like my dream came true. To some other person.

After speaking with UPS customer service, an alert was sent out for the closest driver to go to my old apartment complex and Why were they going to such lengths? Because Endless informed me that this shoe was now out of stock, making these missing shoes the fashion world's equivalent to Saving Private Ryan.A nice Mr. UPS man went to my old apartment, knocked on the door and asked for the package that had been delivered earlier. The new tenant swore no such package had been delivered. So unless the person in my old apartment is a shiesty biotch trying to steal my shoes, they are safely in the apartment office, where I will go tomorrow at the break of dawn to rescue them.

The situation kinda stinks but I'm very impressed with the customer service at both Endless and UPS.

I know there's a song that goes "Two outta three ain't bad." I don't know about that but I do know that "One outta three BLOWS!"

Has your life day ever been ruined by a snafu caused by the postal service?