Saturday, September 4, 2010


Do you believe in it?

Not this kind of JuJu...

This kind...

If my silence hasn't given it away, perhaps you can guess that the whole shoe delivery debacle did not end well. What we thought would be an easy fix turned out to be a massive effort.

The shoes were not at the apartment complex office. So where were they? My mom and I each spent hours on the phone, going back and forth with Endless and UPS and my old apartment complex, trying to figure out the answer to that question. By the end of the day Thursday, I had reached the point where I didn't even care about the shoes anymore. It turns out, the new tenant of our apartment not only had the shoes but she had every intention of keeping them for herself. WTF? When I got the phone call from my old complex saying that the new tenant had finally surrendered the shoes, it's sad but I wasn't really that excited. I was like, "eh, okay." To be honest, the drama had become too much.
Who would've thought that these pretties could bring anything but happiness?!

I was explaining the situation to some girls at work and they flat out told me, "You cannot wear those shoes! Those shoes are cursed! They aren't meant to be!" (They even went into the discussion of the Latin American curse "Ojo" which, very basically, is when you have something someone else wants, and they are a bearer of the Evil Eye, they can curse that item. [Side note: back when I first learned about the Ojo, I was at work and saw a girl with a plate of brownies. I said in my head 'Wow those look good!' and two seconds later...SPLAT! The brownies fell to the ground. It took my co-workers a good week to convince me I didn't have the "Ojo".] Learn more here.

At first I blew it off. How could I not wear the pair of shoes that I had half of San Antonio looking for? But then I really began to think about how much effort it had taken to track them down and how much stress they caused. I then began to hate the shoes. Did I really think they were cursed? No. But do I really want to wear a pair of shoes that are full of negativity on a day that is supposed to be so happy and joyous? No, again.

So I sent them back. I'm still in l-o-v-e with this style but I think I'm going to start fresh and order them from another site. Hopefully *knock on wood* there will be no shipping issues this time and me and Randee can start our relationship off on a better foot. (Pun intended.)

Am I crazy? Any crazy superstitious things go on when planning your wedding?

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  1. evil eye is serious here in texas. lots of people touch my babies so no harm is brought to them from their admiring. Once someone was admiring my shoes and then they got scuffed and the admirer was kicking herself for not touching them to ward off the evil eye.