Saturday, February 11, 2012

So...let's get real. I suck at this blogging thing. Don't believe me? Check out my last post back in good ol' September 2010.

But, I'm going to give it one more try. Mainly because I just had a baby and I'm just narcissistic enough to think that people want to read about her all the time. (AND WHY WOULDN'T THEY!?!) I'm also not a huge phone person and this cuts out on telling the same stories over and over again. Still, the select few that would have been in my Sprint Calling Circle back in '95 will get to hear me blab on and on. They're welcome.

I'm going to try to do some kinda "Where Are We Now" update to bring all four of you readers up to speed on what has been going on since I started ignoring this blog like my red-headed stepchild.

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