Saturday, August 28, 2010

Think Outside The Bun

A little fact about me: I have a deep love for Taco Bell (I'm careful not to admit that out loud in San Antonio). Taco Bell was the first place I drove when I got my drivers' license. I always said Taco Bell would cater my wedding. Sadly, I can't have our family and friends travel 1500 miles to chow down on Gorditas and Cinnamon Twists. Klassy.


But as luck would have it, we can come close. Since our goal is to cram as much San Antonio down our guests' throats as we possibly can in a single weekend, we can design our reception menu around one of our town's specialties - TexMex!

This is a win pretty much across the board...
- Most people like TexMex
- TexMex is usually pretty cost-effective, which will help us stay on budget
- It's kinda hard to mess up (knock on wood!)
- The Mr. and I both love it!
- I get to semi live out my dream of having Taco Bell at my wedding

Our venue has a list of approved caterers that we can't stray from. We plan on meeting with a wide variety of them to make sure we get not only delicious food but also a great presentation to wow our wonderful guests. The main dish we want to serve is pretty traditional but our ideal caterer will have some unique ideas as well.

Sadly, knowing my luck, I'll end up with a giant smear of salsa down the front of my dress within 20 minutes but I'll take one for the team.

Did you/would you plan your menu around one of your favorite foods or a food your area is known for?


  1. I DARE you to have a pretty display of burritos and cinnamon twists.

  2. Absolutely...what fun is it to travel to a place for a wedding where you've never wanna feel the presence of that town! It's where you two are getting your start, show it off!