Wednesday, March 28, 2012


It's been over a month since my last update.

Did I call it or what?

In all seriousness, I had the absolute best intentions of returning to blogging but that seemed difficult to manage when my 5-week old daughter decided to accelerate her Baby Bulimia* and drop back down to her birth weight so that she could still fit into her cute Newborn Size Cupcake Onesie for a lil while longer.

Balancing 2-hour feedings round the clock while pumping (because she was only taking pumped milk so that we could know exactly how much she was taking in) plus sterilizing everything for 20 minutes (because, of course, the thrush decided to return again) plus remembering to feed myself and the dog plus keeping a freaked out Pediatrician father up-to-date in Afghanistan didn't exactly leave tons of time for blogging.

But a visit this past weekend from my dear friend, Accelerated Mom got me rejuvenated again since I realize the Pregnancy Brain has now turned into Mommy Brain and I'm slowly but surely forgetting all the details I want to remember. So I'm gonna keep on truckin!

Still to come [slash FINISH slash BEGIN...]
- The longest, most detailed birth story known to mankind (not gross-y detailed, more like "I was wearing my Royal Tan Revas with my COH maternity jeans and carrying a Makers Mark umbrella when I walked in the hospital and greeted the security guard named Tom" detailed...)
- One Month and Two Month Updates
- A special visit from a special person alllll the way from a land of lots of sand!
- Spit up. Lots and lots of spit up.

While you wait, a picture that makes my neck hurt just to look at it.

*I know bulimia is something to be taken seriously. I use this term only as a joke because it's the only way I won't burst into hysterical tears and blame myself for being a bad mom and her dropping weight like mad. Not meant to offend anyone, yo.

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